PsyMood Series

Mental Health and the LGBTQ2+ community

Episode Summary

I have the upmost honour of speaking with Aime Hutton about the LGBTQ2+ community and how mental health can be effected during the coming out stages. This is a topic very close to my heart and a topic that isn't spoken about enough. This will be an eye and heart opening talk with myself and Aime Hutton. Aime's Bio: Hello, my name is Aime Hutton, I am an adult survivor of severe and prolonged verbal, emotional, and physical harassment and from my peers. For 6 years I was called names daily like stupid, ugly, dumb, retarded, and loser. My self-confidence and belief were very low. The school leadership failed me between grades 3 and 8, no one stepped in to stop the attack I experienced in the locker room in grade 7. I was 12. No child should be that numb to that kind of abuse by age 12. That is why now as a Youth Diversity Advisor I help educators in facilitating safe spaces for young female students so they can instill courage, confidence, and inclusion in themselves. Through workshops and trainings on "The 4 Pillars for Facilitating Safe Spaces for Young Female Students at School". It can be done, reach out to me to book a call to talk and learn more about the training and the options available to you and your staff.

Episode Notes